Poppin STORM™ Kettle Kit

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The Poppin is backpacker's favourite our range of STORM™ Kettles. Designed to be of particular interest to walkers, trekkers, outdoor enthusiasts, canoeists etc. who may enjoy its compact size and light weight.

Holds 3 good mugs. Supplied as a complete kit comprising: black powder-coated finish Poppin STORM™ Kettle and Base with separate anti-tilt Tri-Pod, Pan Support, saucepan, frying-pan, 2-piece grill and universal hand grip. Our tailor-made jute bag is included as standard.

  • Capacity 850ml / 1.5 pints
  • Height (closed) 28cm / 11 inches
  • Height (in use) 30.5cm / 12 inches
  • Weight (empty) 570g / 1lb 4oz.