STORM™ CookKit + Storm Pan Support (set)

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Full set of STORM™ CookKit + STORM™ Pan Support

Accessory Cooking Pans for The STORM™ Kettle

Available for the Original and Popular models. Comprises saucepan, frying-pan, 2-piece grill and universal grip. Used in conjunction with the Pan Support.

The STORM™ CookKit expands the capability of your STORM™ Kettle by providing two pans for use with the STORM™ Kettle's heat source. The kit comprises a frying pan, a saucepan, a clip-on handle and a two-part grid that enables the pans to sit over a STORM™ Kettle's heat source (kettle heat source pictured is not included in the CookKit). Now you can cook a quick breakfast as well as making the tea using the same efficient heat source!

Lightweight Cooking:
Ideal for those needing to travel light, but requiring to make more than just a hot drink, the combination of STORM™ Kettle and STORM™ CookKit enables quick hot meals to be produced with the bare minimum of resources. The STORM™ CookKit adds very little extra weight to your pack.

Using the STORM CookKit:

The STORM™ CookKit's two piece grid fits neatly on the STORM™ Kettle's heat source. Additional fuel should then be added as required to heat one pan at a time. Use the clip on-on handle when boiling or frying. Transferring hot water left in the Kettle to the saucepan is the most fuel efficient way of getting the pan boiling. With a small amount of fuel and a bit of cooking ingenuity, it is surprising what you can achieve!

Quick Cooking in the Field:
  • Boiling - from eggs or rice to heating tinned food
  • Poaching - fish, eggs etc.
  • Frying - sausages, bacon and other traditional campfire favourites
  • Capacity 1.5 litres / 2.6 pints

The STORM Pan Support

Slips on the neck of all STORM™ Kettles (except DS and Triple S); allows support of a saucepan over the fire stoking hole.

This is an 'extra' for use with the CookKit. The STORM Pan Support's ring is placed on the top neck of a STORM™ Kettle allowing a CookKit saucepan to stand comfortably on it. Heat escaping from the Kettle's chimney is now no longer wasted, it warms the saucepan at the same time. To refuel the STORM™ Kettle, just remove the saucepan leaving the Pan Support in place, refuel, then replace the pan. A great time and fuel saving addition.