FestKettle STORM™ Kettle Kit

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The FestKettle is a new addition to the our range of STORM™ Kettles. Designed with festival goers in mind it will also appeal to to walkers, trekkers, outdoor enthusiasts, canoeists etc. who may enjoy its compact size and light weight and zany colour scheme.

Holds 3 good mugs. Supplied as a complete kit comprising: orange powder-coated finish Poppin STORM™ Kettle and Base with separate anti-tilt Tri-Pod, Pan Support, saucepan, frying-pan, 2-piece grill and universal hand grip. Our tailor-made jute bag is included a standard.

  • Capacity 800ml / 1 pints
  • Height (with base enclosed) 28cm / 11 inches
  • Height (in use) 30.5cm / 12 inches
  • Weight (empty) 500g / 1lb 4oz.